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We love classics, and we love discoveries, with nearly 200 references we focus on variety, upcomers and lots of "old school" too.

Most of our wines, including our very own house wine, are sourced directly in France and are exclusive to us, we also work with a couple of local wine merchants in LONDON to add variety.


But the House wine always says a lot about the quality of a restaurant, so try us !!! to make sure we know where it's from, well we do it ourselves.

We produce our own wine in the Domaine Coulombaud, on the hills of the Coteaux Varois, in the heart of Provence.

Available by the glass & carafe, or bottle.

GAZETTE VINEYARDS is a gold medal winning vineyard in Provence and offers a red that is robust and ripe, a rosé with the perfect light rose petal colour and a crispy white made from the Rolle grape.

Our wine list constantly evolve, currently showcasing biodymanic, natural and even orange wines.





We are so serious about coffee that we only work with the best, so we partnered with the Julius Meinl house who supply us with not only great coffee but also "state of the art" equipment and regular training, just to make sure you get the best cup.


We are also extremely proud to be the only restaurant serving the prestigious teas and herbals of the Whittard of Chelsea brand, providing us with a unique selection, and sharing their passion about tea, and as importantly, how to serve it.


Our GAZETTE Bloody Mary is well worth "le detour", we like it with a hint of horseradish for the kick, our Martinis can be classic but we do them funky too, and our Negroni is just clinical !!!

And what's not to like in our liquid desserts? a selection of desserts to drink including the "slow death by chocolate".

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